Product: Gfruit

GFruit Review

I’ve become very interested in soursop, and so I have been looking for a reliable source of good fruit. So I turned to Amazon, because I’m a Prime member, so I can get product for free on a two-day shipping here in the U.S. When you search the site the product GFruit comes up immediately. And so I bought it.

It arrived two days later, neatly packed in bubble wrap. The GFruit branding is great. A curvy jar with a seal on the top. When you open it, it makes that nice pop sound as the vacuum is released.


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Inside is the actual fruit pulp, scooped from the inside of the spiny green protective skin. Think of how an avocado is. Tough protective skin with soft fruit inside.  The fruit grows on the the graviola tree. It is in a soupy white liquid with chunks of the fruit in it. The soursop seeds are also still in the flesh and can be spotted because they are about 3/4 inch long and brown to black in color. (They will germinate if planted.)

The fruit itself in the first jar I purchased was sour, which is not the way I expected it to taste. Ripe fresh soursop is sweet, and tastes like strawberry-banana or, some say, pineapple-mango. I suspect that the fruit in my jar was still unripe when it was vacuum sealed.

The second jar I bought was much better.

If you look at the reviews on Amazon, they are mixed. Some people say the fruit in their jar was delicious, other say it was overripe or sour. This suggests that the company that produces this product is having trouble gauging ripeness and is either packing underripe fruit or overripe fruit, sometimes getting it right.

Overall, I’d give the product a 4 out of 5 stars for inconsistency. Picked, ripened to soft, then opened is better. But this produce is decent, if inconsistent. And it is an affordable way to get the glorious soursop on demand into your deserving tummy. But the best way to eat it is fresh soursop from a farm.


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