How to ask for help
How to ask for help and why you should ask more often… and

Learn how to ask for help…

Most people suck at asking for help. And, I’m not talking about asking for help when you’re in crisis. I’m talking about turning to people on your social feeds (like Twitter and Facebook) and in your life for support with the little things you get stuck with.

It’s really not difficult. These days, the Internet has made asking for help a no-brainer.

But if you’re like most people, you are not asking for help when you should. Take a moment to consider – what are you stuck with right now ? Who in your communities (online and offline) could you ask for advice, guidance or fresh ideas?

Now, why haven’t you asked? What’s in the way of you asking?

Pride? Perhaps.

Are you embarrassed to ask for help?

You’re embarrassed? Could be.

Think you know everything and can solve everything yourself. Maybe?

Don’t want to bother someone? Yeah, that may seem like a valid reason, but most people actually LOVE to help.

Now, this may surprise you, here is the most common and overlooked reason why most people don’t ask for help when they’re stuck:

Asking for help is not a habit you’ve developed

If you rarely ask for support, you’re probably used to doing things yourself.  This is the case for most people.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes waiting to ask for help is a good thing. It’s important you use your own brain power and resources to solve issues yourself. It’s how you become a good problem-solver and feel confident about your abilities to navigate and survive.

But, if you’re like most people, you do too much yourself and wait far too long to get help. Which means, you get stuck far longer than you need to.

So, how do you get better at asking for help? DO IT. Look at what you’re challenged by right now in your goals – it could be business (e.g. How to I get more media exposure? how do I land more customers?) or in your personal life (e.g. I want to meet someone amazing. Or, I am having trouble in my relationship/marriage.)

Think about who you could ask. Asking for support takes practice. So commit to asking one person for help today or this week.

When you ask for help, it just makes practical sense. That’s especially true if you want to be successful in business and life. But, here are some other reasons to develop the habit…

Why you should ask for help more often 

Why you should ask for help more often

1) You’ll achieve what you want in a shorter amount of time

Get stuck in your business or personal life? Try and figure it out first, but if you can’t, turn to your communities. Ask 1 to 3 people and it’s likely you’ll find a quick solution. What that really means is, you spend less time wasting time and more time being in action!

2) You’ll increase your productivity levels

Have a million things to manage? Ask for help in your business or personal life. That means making requests of other people to help you manage the tasks that need to get done. 

3) You may learn something that leads to massive success

Get inspired. When you ask others for help sometimes the answer that comes back is instantly inspiring. You’ll be introduced to ideas you never thought of. It will expand your thinking in massive ways. And give you new ways to solve problems and overcome barriers.

4) You’ll reduce error

People who have been there before you in a specific situation may share valuable wisdom and insight that will steer you away from making similar mistakes that they made. 

5) You’ll create deeper bonds

Here’s a good reason. Share your struggles and ask for help because it tightens the bonds between you and the people in your communities. More allies strengthens your efforts. And it opens the door for them you to help them. You might even make a sale or two in your business along the way. 

You give another person an opportunity

People really love to help others. Most people will jump at the opportunity. They feel flattered to be asked. Contributing to you and helping you makes them feel incredible! Just think of a time where someone asked you for your expertise. Didn’t you feel good to give guidance?

So, how do you get started? What do you need to do to actually get in action versus just read this blog post and think to yourself “hmmm…I should get in action more,” but then, not do it. Here are some simple actions you can take today:

1: Just do it

Seriously. Ask for help or make a request of someone today. It can be small. You can do it through email or social media. But really take a look at where you’re stuck, consider who you could ask and then ask. Keep it short and concise and to the point. Stop right here and go write a quick email to ask for something. Go on…then come back because there’s more cool stuff below!

2: Learn how to be an effective request maker

There’s a communication formula you can learn and when you use it you’ll be able to make a request of someone and get a “yes”. You can grab the tool here as it will make you more confident in making requests.

3: Use Quora

Sign up on Quora. Ask any question on any topic.  See what answers you get. (You can find me there too)

4: Use the Ask Kay feature on the ALC site for anything you’d like coaching on

You’ll receive coaching within 24 hours over email for only $1 per question. Use it for FREE the first time you use it.

5: Find an expert on Clarity

Hire an expert in almost any field on Clarity. Advice costs $0.30 to $20 per minute, depending on the credentials of the expert you talk to.

6. Start or join a mastermind group

A mastermind group is a team of about five or six people who are looking to achieve success in the same area of life. They usually meet once a week on a call or in-person to trade ideas and support one another. Join one online or in your area or start your own.

You have the reasons. You have the options for actions. Massive results can come from one small action today.

And, to get ongoing support with all your up to in your life join Awesome Life Club if you haven’t already. It’s the free club on the web dedicated to your greatness.