If you are a living breathing human being, you are a leader. This is regardless of whether you see yourself as one or not.

You are the leader of your own life. The actions you take on a daily basis matter. They shape your future.

And, you’re a leader to those around you. There are people who look up to you and see you as a leader whether you think they do or not. So take a moment to consider the role you play in all your communities – in your home, at work, in your neighborhood.

Leadership is about ownership. It’s about being responsible for who you are in the world with yourself and with others.

It’s about being a leader first in your own life.  This means, being responsible for the state of your physical health, your finances, and making sure you’re passionate about your career and the way you contribute your time to the world. And also, it’s about how you treat yourself and everyone else you encounter.

If you’re willing to accept that you are a leader and then look at the areas of your life where initiative has been lacking, you’ll immediately see new actions to take to breakthrough where you’ve been stuck recently in life.

When you take those actions you’ll step into your greatness and start to see what’s really possible.

Consider all the areas of life where you feel powerless right now. Think about those things that are stressing you out. Then ask yourself: Where haven’t I been responsible? You might be surprised at what you discover.

Where can you bring the quality of LEADERSHIP to your life today?

And, what does leadership look like to you? It likely includes qualities of:

  • Proactiveness. Taking action now, not waiting for things to happen.
  • Resilience. Standing up for something you believe in and being okay with standing alone if you have to.
  • Compassion. Being able to understand and empathize with others.
  • Responsibility. A willingness to show initiative and be 100% accountable all the time.
  • Gratitude. The greatest leaders are those that appreciate others and express it. They lift people up and turn other people into leaders.

Think of a leader you admire. What qualities do they possess?

Be like that person today. Bring leadership into your life this week and watch what magnificent results you produce.