Is it time to raise your standards?
Is it time to raise your standards?

Living the life you dream about – y’know the one you think about in your head while you’re physically doing things day-to-day that you don’t particularly love? – takes guts.

It takes a willingness to confront and consider things you may not feel like considering. It often takes getting a bit uncomfortable. It takes taking bold actions.

But if you are truly serious about living a life you love – a life that has you pinch yourself everyday and ask yourself: “is this really my life?” – then you need to ask yourself this question: What, in your life (right now), are you settling for?

In other words, is there an area of your life that you are not entirely happy with? Where you don’t feel fully self-expressed? Something you’ve been putting up with for a while now? Consider all the important areas: Your physical health; your relationships; your growth as a person; your career; your spirituality.

Maybe you’ve been looking at your bank account. You see the same numbers month to month and you’re not happy with what you see. Or, maybe it’s your weight. Perhaps you can’t bring yourself to step on the scale because you don’t want to see that number.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are desperate to change an aspect of your life and you feel you’ve been taking certain actions but then you always end up back again in the same place you don’t like to be?

The number on your bank account always seems to stay around the same amount. The weight on the scale goes down for a few months but then it always goes back to that number you’re not happy with.

It’s easy to make short-term change, but how do you make a lasting change?

Your ability to make lasting change is related to the standards you have for yourself. These are core believes that come from what you’ve learned in the past.

Many become unconscious to you – you exhibit certain behaviors and take certain actions without being aware, without seeing or considering why you do these things.

So, to make lasting changes in your life you need to do this one thing: RAISE YOUR STANDARDS

How? Here are five methods. #5 is a simple tool you can use today!:

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Method 1: Wait till you’re in crisis and you reach an “emotional threshold”.  Being in a crisis state can drive you to reach an emotional peak where you decide a change is mandatory. In these moments you see that your behaviors and actions NEED to change in order for you to maintain you’re survival.

This is the person who goes bankrupt and then realizes they need to learn new ways to be responsible with money. Or, the person who gains 350 lb and has a health scare. It’s only then that they get for themselves that they have to change because they can’t bare the pain of living this way forever.

This is not an ideal way to expand your standards, but it works.

Method 2: Focus on incremental progress. When you notice you have a standards you want to expand build small actions into your day-to-day life to begin to raise your bar. Raising your standards is limited by your beliefs. When you take small simple actions you start to see progress you increase your beliefs in your ability.

For example, if you’re an entrepreneur and your business makes a consistent $10,000 a month challenge yourself to make $1,000 more the next month. When you slowly start to reach these small goals you will raise your standards.

The problem with this method is that it can take a significant amount of time.

Method 3: Examine your standards to see why you have them. Sometimes simply noticing, being aware of, the ceiling you put on yourself can help you take actions to expand it. When you see the barrier, you can consult with yourself it moments where you notice it and choose to take new actions.

In a moment, where you see that you are about to accept that job where you don’t love the salary but think maybe you should accept it because you’ve never made more than the amount it offers and you think it would be crazy for you to make more because you’re parents never did, you might be able to stop yourself.

Method 4: Spend time in environments and with people that raise your standards. This method is one of the most effective. When you surround yourself with people who have higher standards than you do you may start to see things as possible for you if they are possible for them.

This is also a great way to build desire in you and nothing is more powerful than desire to get you into action and move you in the direction you want to go.

Here’s a personal example: In my early twenties, I worked as an event planner. During this time in my career I had access to multimillionaires. I went to exclusive events. I spent time in mansions. Seeing people living in incredible spaces not worrying about money and having more control and freedom, inspired me. It had me see that I could achieve what they achieved. The disparity between us decreased.

Method 5: Use my raise your standards instantly formula.
Methods 1 through 4 involve time and effort. You can immediately shift your mindset and raise your standards if you use this my 8 step formula. Grab it for free here.

If you notice a behavior you can’t seem to change the issue is the standards you have set for yourself and need to expand. It’s the one thing to focus on to elevate your performance in all areas of life.

Use the formula above today and let me know what you think.