The ultimate guide to getting a yesRead this ultimate guide to getting a YES to have people give you want you ask for…

YES…It’s a magic word and it opens doors and makes things possible and easier.

The problem is sometimes people are a big fat NO. You can ask your friends for help. Your boss for a raise. Ask your kids to clean their bedrooms. Your spouse to clean the garage. Even ask that cute person out on a date.

When the answer is NO, it’s disappointing and sometimes you will wonder what is wrong with you.

But – I can tell you what…it’s the way you ask.

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You see if you ask most people ask from a self-centric perspective – they need some time for themselves. When they do that the answer will more often than not be NO. But why?

The request is based on something YOU want. And the person being asked is not motivated to say YES, because there is nothing in it for them.

We are all selfish beings and rarely do we do things selflessly for others. (There is always a hidden motivation or payoff even if it seems that there isn’t.)

What about when someone does you a favor expecting nothing in return?
What’s in it for them, is it makes them feel good to help you.

What about when someone donates money to a cause?
Their payoff is they feel good and like to share their own good fortune to make lives of others better. Or maybe it alleviates guilt…or…well you get the idea.

When you ask for a raise from your boss why would she say YES?
She may be afraid you will quit if she says no. (Payoff: Keeping a valued team member)
She might have been thinking about it anyway because you rocked your big project. (Payoff: Likes to reward good work.)
She might remember that her HR department asked her to ensure everyone gets a pay bump to industry standard wages. (Payoff: Wants to be see as a good manager – one that complies with company policy.)

Get a YES 10x more often

But how can you reliably get a yes more often? The formula below is designed to massively increase your chance of getting yes. Done effectively you will get YESes 10x more often than NOs. Here are the steps:

  1. Strategize
    1. Review your relationship with the person being asked – Who are they? What are they dealing with? What problems do they have? What has been your past interactions with them?
    2. Based on 1A, what is the benefit to them to say yes to your request? Spend time on this.
    3. Design the request by considering 1A and 1B, and rehearse it out loud and with another person (if possible).
  2. Make the Request
    1. Get in front of them** – preferably in person – and make the request you designed from Phase 1
    2. Deal with their objections by suggesting solutions. If there are many, don’t push it. Let it go.
    3. If it is a YES, thank them for their time and consideration. IMPORTANT: If it is a NO, thank them for their time and consideration AND ask them if you can check in and re-ask at a later date.
  3. Evaluate and Adjust
    1. Review what you did that worked and what didn’t work. If it was a YES, remember what you did well. If it’s a NO look at 1B again and think about how you would ask next time. Then practice making more requests.
**Note that it is harder to say no to someone when you are looking them in the eye.

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So what do you think the key strategy is here? If you said 1B then you are right. It’s the secret sauce to making a successful requestWHAT IS THE BENEFIT to them staying YES? Tying that in with something that solves a problem for them from 1A gives it extra jet fuel for a YES.

To make this even easier for you to follow these steps, I’ve designed the ultimate guide to getting a yes to show you exactly what to do and say. Click to grab it below.

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