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How to visualize to win

How to visualize to winA killer technique that elite athletes use to hyper perform is visualization.  When  our coach talk to young athletes, it amazes us that very few athletes know how to do this. And yet it can massively impact your performance.

How to visualize before competition

The most effective way to use visualization is to help you be prepared for anything on competition, game or race day. Through brain research we know that to the human mind, there is no difference between the actual experience and an imagined version. Your brain cannot tell the difference between a performance you are in and one you put yourself in with your mind’s eye.

So to take advantage, an athlete should prepare for each key moment and situation that could happen on competition day.

Be specific and detailed

Build a complete mental picture, covering all five senses. Image what the competition looks like at the start, during and at the end.

Visualize what you see, what you hear and even what you can smell. Imagine the physical sensations. Imagine how it will feel as you do well and the events unfold the way you want them to.

The more specific you can be with the sites, sounds, and emotions, the more calm and confident you’ll be when the real event happens.

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