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Why we designed a mental toughness training program

I’m so excited that this day has finally come! The North American launch of our new home-study Mental Toughness Training Program for Champion Athletes.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked with athletes across North America on elevating their mental toughness to max out their performance and I’ve been surprised that there are so many athletes bumping up against the same performance barriers.

Have you ever wondered what sets apart the Champion Athlete from the rest of the pack – like, what has two athletes of equal talent perform at different levels?

Nine times out of 10, the champion athlete is able to mentally outlast their competitor: It’s that simple.

Yet, the majority of athletes do not train their mind, they bank hundreds of training hours each month, and they spend next to none of that time training their mind. Then they wonder why at clutch moments, when the pressure is on, they underperform.

I spent two years researching and writing my Master’s thesis on this very topic: What has athletes perform or underperform at the biggest competition in the world, the Olympics? What’s the experience of anxiety like for the champion vs. the second-string athlete?

You can read my full thesis on mental toughness here:  >> http://www.ruor.uottawa.ca/handle/10393/32295

The research was unanimous: Those who performed at the Olympics were those who placed a priority on training their mind, those who had specific mental practices that would have them shine when the spotlight was on.

Athletes like Kerri Walsh, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist (who took part in my study) were adamant about training their mind. In fact Walsh shared with me that she’s ALWAYS anxious – she simply has the mental toughness to combat any anxiety and to perform at her best.

Yet, so many athletes I spoke and worked with over the past five years did not have this mental discipline, they were super talented when it came to sport skill; however, they simply could not perform at their peak consistently at key moments.

I knew from my own sporting experience the true value of mental toughness training, as even with a dedicated sport psychologist by my side, I still found the mental game my most difficult opponent.

This lack of mental toughness training spanned all sports, all ages, all provinces, all states. I could see it was really a North-American-wide phenomenon, the next unchartered frontier in sport performance.

I knew we at Mental Toughness Inc. had to do something about this cross-continent mental toughness epidemic, but how could we possibly reach millions of athletes to transform the North American mental toughness culture.

That’s when we turned to modern technology and created a mastery series of three Mental Toughness Training Programs for Champion Athletes: the Kickstarter, the Fear Buster, and the Results Booster.

How the Training Program works:

These programs in our Mental Toughness Mastery Series, spanning 16 weeks in total, will give any athlete of any discipline and any age all the tools s/he needs to rapidly expand their mental toughness.

And the best part: Athletes can train their mental toughness using the downloadable MP3 files whenever and wherever they want! We know how busy it is to be an elite athlete, so we wanted to make this program as easy as possible for the busy athlete to use!

So for only about 30 minutes of dedicated study time per week, we guarantee the athletes using our program will see a dramatic increase in their mental toughness!

I couldn’t be more excited and proud of the opportunity these three mental toughness training audio programs provide for all athletes, worldwide. I’ve literally poured my heart and soul and all my wisdom – every single mental toughness tool we use with our private clients are included – into these audio programs.

And, given you are are reading this post, we’ve decided to give you a deep discount on the program price. We want to make it a no brainer that all athletes purchase this program, and we definitely don’t want cost to get in the way.

We made it a no-brainer for you:

This is reserved for our email list subscribers but since you read this article you can have the special deal too.

Your special discount on our first program – the Mental Toughness KICKSTARTER Training Program for Champion Athletes – is available here. You may notice it is regularly $97 (see here).

Today, for you, it is almost $60 off. Learn more

So that you too can MAX OUT your performance by elevating your mental toughness.

Thank you so much for the inspiration and motivation to fulfill on my life’s work through the creation of these programs, they really are my legacy. I’m so excited to share in your success as you too become a Mental Toughness CHAMPION.

Until next time, train tough!

Coach Kara
…and the Mental Toughness Team

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