7 Daily actions that make you feel good and keep you motivated

I was recently asked for some coaching expertise on daily actions anyone can take to feel good and stay motivated, so below are 7 daily actions that make you feel good and keep you motivated.

Of course, before you do any of the things below you have to be someone who continuously CHOOSES to be fulfilled, to be happy and feel good.

In the end, it’s all about who you choose to be moment to moment. The more you train yourself to be happy and fulfilled and get back to it when you’re not feeling it, the better you’ll become.

7 Daily actions that make you feel good and keep you motivated

1. Be grateful. Stop what you’re doing for a few minutes each day (and especially when you’re in a negative funk) and take the time to either think about the things in your life you are grateful for, or write them down.7 Daily actions that make you feel good and keep you motivated

Be intentional about being grateful. It’s an easy way to feel joyful, get inspired and bring more great situations and people into your life. Learn more about why gratitude rocks, here.

2. Get grounded in what you’re committed to from a big picture perspective. Every morning, Steve Jobs used to ask himself: “If today was the last day of my life would I be happy about what I’m about to accomplish today?”.

An easy way to feel good in the present when you have things you aren’t particularly inspired or motivated to do is to get present to your future goals, what you are trying to achieve. If you’re working towards things in your life that excited you (which you should be!) then it’s an easy way to get immediately inspired.

Think about your future self and what you’re working to accomplish. Visualize it and take it into your day.It will dictate what actions you need to take. And you’ll always be progressing an moving forward.

3. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Before you leave the house in the morning take a moment to acknowledge yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself out loud that you are brilliant.

Get present to your greatness. Think about awesome times you achieved incredible things in your past. Reflect on how great you are.

Doing this every day will translate to massive confidence and producing incredible results in all areas of your life.

4. Make a difference for someone else. There is nothing better than doing something incredible for someone else just for the sake of it. This can be anyone – a stranger or friend or lover.

Express your kindness and generosity. Don’t be stingy with your love. Really be in the moment when you are with other people. Make them feel heard and loved.

5. Do some high intensity aerobic activity. This type of exercise stimulates endorphins and the release of the feel good chemical dopamine.

So, get your body moving. It’ll make you feel good and likely when you look in the mirror at your awesome body you’ll feel pretty motivated too!

6. Do something to treat yourself. Every day you should do something you consider fun just for the sake of fun. Indulge. Watch a show you love. Eat a snack you love. Grab a tea break with a friend. Life is to be enjoyed. It’s fine to be serious but you also need to let your “freak flag fly” regularly.

7. Do something physically taxing. Even if you only do it for ten minutes, do something to really challenge your system. It will help you build resiliency. It will also help you stay motivated. When you’re in a negative state the quickest way to shift it is to shock your body.

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