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Keep Calm and Perform On

It’s for you to play around with what exactly has you be calm in performance.  Maybe it’s taking a couple of deep breaths, maybe it’s reframing to an empowering MindFrame, maybe it’s visualizing the outcome you want.  Either way, it’s for you to explore what works best for you in each scenario. And, the more mental toughness tools you train, the better prepared you’ll be for any circumstance that comes your way.

So you could say that the key to Performance on Purpose™ is to continue to try out different Mental Toughness Tools and Strategies, and, in so doing, expand your Mental Toughness Toolbox.  Just like a carpenter that doesn’t have a hammer, and instead is using a screwdriver to bang in the nail, so too does having the right tool make a difference in your performance.

So start experimenting, try out different tools, and make sure to use them not only in your sport or performance, but in every area of you life.

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