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Why is “PRODUCTIVE” a Magic Word for High Performers

1. Have a clear vision

2.  Get your priorities in focus, and 

3.  Be punctual

                  …Sounds like a pitch for being productive on the job, doesn’t it?

As an athlete or high performer you know all about being “busy”.  However, it’s not just important to be productive in school or at work so that you can squeeze in your invaluable training time.  You must also train with the principle of “PRODUCTIVE” at the core of each workout, so that you can get the most out of every training session.

How do you do that?  Here’s what the experts have to say about becoming more productive…

Peter Gruber says that you must have a VISION.  You need to get crystal clear about the specifics of that vision for yourself, to really imagine it in detail.  When creating your vision, check in on how do you feel.  Do you feel kinda strange or ‘off’ – then what part of your vision needs a re-work?  Or better yet, what are your self-limiting voices trying to talk you out of?

Mental Toughness coaches and other experts can help you define vision for yourself.  Let this vision be the ‘Why’ behind what you are working towards.

Tony Robbins says GET FOCUSED.  Over and over in a game or at a crunch moment you need to shut out the distractions and the mental noise to regain your focus.  Based on a UCLA study, your brain has about 48 thoughts per minute, and in the heat of competition you need to be able to ignore your self-talk in order be fully present.  This takes practice, daily practice.

So, it’s important to practice focus throughout your whole day, not just in training time.  Determine what your priorities are – in school or in work, or in life – and take specifically targeted actions.  By doing so, you’ll be more emotionally invested in what you are doing, which will fuel motivation and have a critical impact on your training and competition results.

Richard Branson says BE PUNCTUAL.  Being on time shows your respect for others – your coaches and teammates will definitely appreciate it.  Punctuality allows for efficient use of the time allotted, for work, school, or for training.  But the biggest impact is that being on punctual has you know yourself to be dependable:  When you know that about yourself, without a doubt you can rely on yourself in stressful, risky, and clutch situations.

So practice VFP: VISION, FOCUS, and PUNCTUALITY.  Grounding yourself in these three concepts will soon have you mentally tough enough for those killers days, tight games, and big dreams.

Watch this blog for future tips on staying and becoming more productive.

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